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August 2015

Former Israeli president Peres to meet with Iranian peace activist
Global innovators collaborate in Israel
Israeli bio-gas digesters energize isolated Palestinian village
Israeli “Make it Happen” Mentality Sparks Innovation in Diplomacy and Science
Peres Center Interns Summer 2015
Peres meets daughter of Iranian ayatollah in plea for peace

President Peres met with Iranian-born Israeli singer and icon Rita and Maryam Imani at the Peres Center for Peace. Maryam was born and raised in Iran, where she grew up in a conservative religious home and was taught to hate Israel. She is now the founder and President of the Centre for Cultural Diplomacy & Development (CCDD), and she came to Israel with an important message: We must separate between politics and people – there is no reason we cannot all be friends.

Rep. Roskam leads special JUF Mission to Poland and Israel
Shimon Peres throws a paper airplane in the name of education

Shimon Peres and Minister of Education Naftali Bennett release plans to bolster the study of mathematics in Israeli schools.