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June 2017

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby visits the Peres Center
We were honored that the Archbishop of Canterbury chose to end his tour of the region with us and our young Ambassadors for Peace in a shared message of interfaith relations and hope.
Honoring Shimon Peres

Tributes to the late President Peres continue to be held in Israel and around the world, honoring his memory and furthering his inspiring legacy.

Hundreds attend youth soccer tournament honoring late President Peres

800 Arab and Jewish, Israeli and Palestinian children attended the Peres Center's annual Mini Mondial on May 9th, 2017.

Mini Mondial for Peace 2017

This year's Mini Mondial, attended by Ambassadors and Diplomats, Mayors and Regional Heads, and Professional all-star soccer players, brought together 800 Israeli and Palestinian, Arab and Jewish boys and girls, united as friends on the soccer pitch.

New York Governor proclaims 'Shimon Peres Day'

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announces that the first Sunday in June will be “Shimon Peres Day”.

Peace and innovation

By Uri Savir: Peace and innovation must be intertwined. Peace diplomacy has to adapt to social and scientific progress. Today on June 9th we celebrate the inauguration of the Israeli Center of Innovation within the Peres Center for Peace.

Saving Children showcased at AIPAC Policy Conference

AIPAC chose to showcase Saving Children at the plenary session of their Policy Conference in Washington DC, which gathered together around 20,000 individuals.