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Entrepreneurs for Peace

Project Aim

This project promoted economic growth by creating opportunities for cross-border, Israeli-Palestinian partnerships in agri-business to promote best production practices and expand the availability of quality crops and added value derivatives.

How It Works

The project brought together Palestinian and Israeli agri-business entrepreneurs to develop and market innovative food “products for peace.” The project tackled cross-border product development and trade obstacles by linking all stakeholders of the value chain from producers to exporters as well as to higher level decision makers who affect policy change. This initiative was the outcome of a regional program known as Integrated Crop Management. A position paper was produced which provides a detailed analysis of the organizational, logistic and security issues of cross-border transport, inspection and timely shipping of perishable products – a critical issue in successful conflict mitigation and reconciliation efforts. This project was supported by the former Hanson Peace Foundation in cooperation with San Diego State University.

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