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Over 30,000 children and youth, boys and girls, Arabs and Jews, Israelis and Palestinians have participated in our Peace Education programs over the last 20 years.

Eye Contact to the Youth

Project Aim

The one-of-a-kind photography project brings together Israeli, Jewish and Arab youth, ages 15-16 in a comprehensive photography, coexistence, and mutual understanding program. By utilizing the tool of photography, the program focuses on the development and empowerment of the youth, by providing them with a safe and cultivating environment for self-expression and exploration, while promoting mutual understanding and re-humanization of the “other.”

How it Works

Each academic year, the project brings together around 20 Jewish and Arab high school students for 25 photography- and peace education workshops. The program is facilitated by two professionals: a renowned Jewish-Israeli photojournalist and lecturer; and an Arab-Israeli peace education and group dynamics instructor. Under the guidance of the facilitators, the participants develop multiple independent photography projects, applying newly acquired photography skills, while exploring themes of identity and coexistence. During this process, the participants are encouraged to openly express their identity and feelings towards tolerance and coexistence. The workshop series will be concluded by an exhibition that showcases the projects of each participant.


This program is sponsored by IrespectU: www.irespectu.org

IrespectU is a German organization with the goal of furthering interfaith and intercultural relationships and promoting respect and understanding between groups, with special emphasis on Jews and non-Jews, Germans and Israelis, Arabs and Jews within Israel, and Israelis and Palestinians.


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