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Over 30,000 children from Palestinian and Israeli (Arab and Jewish) communities have participated in our Peace Education activities over the last 20 years.

Hangout Bridges - Bridges for Peace

Project Aim

We believe that breaking down barriers, building bridges, and establishing solid relations between Arabs and Jews starts with dialogue.


Communication is the key. By using Google+ Hangout as a communication platform we connect thousands of Israeli Arab and Jewish teenagers from different cultures, religions, and backgrounds.


We can change the course of the future by investing in the youth of today.


At a Glance

Video has the power to tell the Hangout Bridges story better than words or images. Get inspired - Click below to hear from past participants. 


How It Works



Hangout Bridges reaches different communities across the country, including Bedouin, Druze, Arab, and Jewish youth. The project offers an important platform for youth from varied backgrounds to meet and get to know each other in a safe and intriguing environment, first on screen, then offline - where barriers and negative stereotypes are broken and real friendships are forged.


Participants are divided into groups of 8 - 4 from each side. They complete a moderated online and face-to-face curriculum developed especially for the project. Importantly, each Hangout group works on a joint project, which they design, plan, and implement. Each project's objective is to enhance the awareness of the project's values and successes and represent the participants' vision of what shared-living in Israel can look like. Examples of past projects include videos presenting their daily lives and the many things they have in common, sports days for children from their communities, bi-lingual songs about peace, and a cooking video in which participants cooked traditional Arab and Jewish dishes and bonded over the shared language of food.



Why Hangout Bridges?


With teenagers spending more time online than ever before, Hangout Bridges serves as a prime paradigm for how we should be looking at building peace in the age of the screen. Plugged in to their smartphones, tablets, online video games, and social media, the teenagers of today require us to speak their language - on the internet - online.


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