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Olives - A Symbol of Peace

Project Aim

This project facilitated the sharing of research, knowledge, skills and experience regarding olive cultivation and post-harvest care within Israel and the Palestinian Authority, thereby promoting best-practice methods for olives and olive oil, and encouraging communication and peaceful relations between Israelis and Palestinians.

How It Works

As Mediterranean countries account for around 95% of the world's olive cultivation, olive oil and table olive industries play a crucial role in the agricultural processing sectors of countries of the Mediterranean basin. This joint Palestinian-Israeli initiative promoted the cultivation of quality olives in the Palestinian Authority and Israel, by enhancing the technical capacities of the farmers, nurturing the local olive oil markets, and jointly combating the damaging olive fly pest that inflicts the region. The project included various meetings, programs and joint initiatives, including a partnership between the statutory Olive Board of Israel and the Palestinian Olive Board. Over 75 Palestinians and 45 Israelis participated in some 30 meetings and courses for trainers and farmers, with additional beneficiaries numbering over 250 families. The Peres Center worked with the Palestinian and Israeli Olive Boards to lay 2,000 environmentally-friendly olive fly traps across 200 dunams of land in both Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The two Olive Boards and the Peres Center also produced a handbook in Arabic that outlines best practices for olive growing and processing, which has been used throughout the region. Additional activities that have taken place in the framework of this project include a joint olive oil marketing workshop in France in 2007, joint Palestinian-Israeli delegations to the Annual Olive Oil Exhibition in Italy in 2005 and 2007, and the planting of olive seedlings in Palestinian communities in 2006.

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