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The participants in this project are11 girls and young women from various countries and cultures: Germany, India, Israel, Palestine, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Kenya, Ruanda, and Cambodia

Through Life with a Ball Workshops

Project Aim

In parallel to the Women's World Cup in Germany in 2011, and as a result of widespread international cooperation with various organizations in the field, the idea arose to build an educational project that would highlight the stories of select women from all around the world, whose lives were changed as a result of their involvement in football. The product was the creation of 11 different posters showcasing 11 girls and young women from various countries and cultures, sharing their life stories and their love of football. All 11 girls are distinguished not only for their love of football, but also for active involvement in their communities and remarkable experience as leaders of social change. Three of the posters tell the stories of three girls from the Twinned Peace Sports School Project who, thanks to the football program, "broke down barriers," met and got to know "the other," and, as a result, underwent a meaningful process of change and development.

How it Works

The workshops are based on an exhibit showcasing all 11 posters, allowing the project participants to work with them personally or in groups. Throughout the workshops, the various stories presented on the posters foster dialogue and provide inspiration; they also expose the participants to global, current issues facing girls and women worldwide. These issues enable the participants to study and discuss the commonalities and differences between themselves and the girls on the posters. Within this framework, they also explore the differences and similarities among themselves, both as a multicultural group and as individuals in society. Throughout the course, the participants learn how football specifically and sports in general can influence and affect positive change and promote values such as patience and tolerance, acceptance of "the other," equal rights, leadership, and empowerment.

The courses are modular and cater towards the intended audience based on age, background, and gender and can be held in three languages: Hebrew, Arabic, and English.


Football Learning Global


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