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Around 12,000 Palestinian children received medical treatment in Israeli hospitals that was unavailable in the Palestinian Authority.

Medicine & Healthcare

Medicine in the Service of Peace

Transferring Israeli know-how is at the heart of Peres Center projects. Our programs save lives, strengthen capacities, and foster crucial people-to-people relations. As President Peres remarked, "I can't think of anything more noble, more moving for me as a person, then the idea that I took part in saving the life of a child."


The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation’s Medicine and Healthcare Department has been active in the field since the organization’s inception, utilizing its knowledge to implement projects focused on bettering the lives of the people of this troubled region and promoting the notion that the right to health is both basic and universal. Accordingly, the Peres Center aims to develop close cooperation between the Israeli and Palestinian healthcare systems on areas of mutual benefit and interest. Programs in the field of Medicine and Healthcare assist in the creation of an independent Palestinian medical system by promoting human resource development, the advancement of complex medical services, and cross-border cooperation and knowledge transfer, as well as by providing humanitarian medical aid to Palestinian infants and children. Importantly, programs in the fields of medicine and healthcare act as bridges of peace between peoples, changing mindsets and creating the opportunity for unique and positive interactions.


  • Training Doctors has successfully trained around 250 Palestinian physicians and medical personnel in Israeli hospitals who have treated over 1.5 million Israeli patients.
  • Saving Children has provided lifesaving treatment to over 12,000 Palestinian and Syrian children and babies.
Current Projects

Saving Children

Training Doctors