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Medicine in the Service of Peace

Transferring Israeli know-how is at the heart of Peres Center projects. Our programs save lives, strengthen capacities, and foster crucial people-to-people relations. As President Peres remarked, "I can't think of anything more noble, more moving for me as a person, then the idea that I took part in saving the life of a child."


  • Training Doctors has successfully trained around 250 Palestinian physicians and medical personnel in Israeli hospitals who have treated over 150,000 Israeli patients.
  • Saving Children has provided lifesaving treatment to 12,000 Palestinian children and babies.


Peace Education – Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow

A core element driving the Peres Center’s long term vision is the empowerment of a new generation primed to make peace. Our educational methodologies have brought together over 30,000 youths through in-depth face to face activities, and enlisted a million young people in an online peacebuilding movement.


Programs innovatively use:

  • Sport, where shared values forge lasting bonds of friendship;
  • Culture and the arts, where minds are opened and emotions such as fear and hope are channeled into creative, cooperative solutions;
  • Technology, which represents the great economic promise of our region, leveling the playing field by giving young people from all backgrounds tools for prosperity.


Business and Environment

The shared agricultural challenges, environmental conditions, and economic realities of our region create an ideal breeding ground for creative, cooperative solutions.


Programs include:

  • Installing green technologies in impoverished communities.
  • Developing Israeli markets and Palestinian trade.
  • Helping thousands of individuals and companies reap the benefits of cooperation.


The National Israeli Innovation Center

In July 2016, President Peres, together with President Rivlin and Prime Minister Netanyahu, launched his flagship initiative, set to open in 2018: The National Israeli Innovation Center. Visitors will absorb the core values of innovation, creativity, optimism and the pursuit of peace, learn about the unique DNA of Israel and of Shimon Peres, and be inspired and empowered to seek avenues through which they can positively impact their communities and the world.


  • Vibrant, state-of-the-art expos will tell the remarkable story of Israel, the “Innovation Nation”.
  • Exhibits will highlight the global human impact of Israel’s achievements, and explore how to expand the “Start-up Nation” into the “Start-up Region”.
  • World leaders will learn about Israeli breakthroughs, professionals will connect to the local start-up ecosystem, and youngsters from all backgrounds and religions will discover the techie, entrepreneur, and peacebuilder within themselves.
  • Comprehensive educational components will provide visitors in person and online with a channel through which to become empowered to take action and discover new ways for uniting the spheres of technology and positive social change.
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