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This year we are celebrating 11 years of the Twinned Peace Sports Schools - the longest running coexistence sports program in the Middle East.

Peace Education

Sport - from values of teamwork and common goals to shared struggles and victories, sport has the power to unite youth from different cultures and backgrounds. Through a language understood by all players, Palestinian and Israeli, Jewish and Arab children unite under the common banner of sport, cheering each other on, helping each other win and building lasting friendships.

Technology - the rapid advances in technology, from video conferencing and e-mailing to blogging and social media, are transforming the way people from different cultures, ethnicities, and regions perceive and interact with one another. For Israelis, Palestinians and people across the MENA region, these technologies are particularly valuable since, as despite physical proximity, contact is limited.

Culture and the Arts – culture and arts are a means of creative expression and an effective tool with which to open minds and challenge beliefs. Through visual and performing arts, powerful emotions such as fear, hope and aspiration are manifested in unique and extraordinary ways, in a language that transcends the confines of letters and words.

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