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The Twinned Peace Sports Schools program has reached over 20,000 children and youth, boys and girls, Arabs and Jews, Israelis and Palestinians.

Wheelchair Basketball

Project Aim

This unique peacebuilding project provides wheelchair basketball training and peace education activities to 30 at-risk, disabled Palestinian and Israeli boys and girls aged 12 to 18 years together with their able-bodied friends, family members and other children from the community. This project provides much needed healthy educational activity for disabled youngsters who have limited access to such frameworks, particularly on the Palestinian side, that combine sport and education in a way that is suited to their needs.

How It Works

As with all of our Twinned Peace Sports Schools program, the project includes bi-weekly sports training sessions for the children in their local communities, and a monthly joint Israeli-Palestinian activity. During the joint activities the youngsters, play wheelchair basketball in mixed groups, not just Israeli-Palestinian, but also disabled and able-bodied, encouraging values of teamwork, equality and mutual appreciation. With everyone playing in a wheelchair, the playing field is leveled and all the children play and communicate with each other as friends and equals.

Through this unique sport the children participate in an activity that brings them an enormous sense of self-worth and achievement, while allowing them to make friends with children of all backgrounds and providing them with a much needed social network.


By supporting the work of the Peres Center you can ensure that these children are able to participate in this unique and hugely beneficial project.


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 This project is supported by the Peace and Reconciliation Fund, in partnership with the Palestinian Lifegate Rehabilitation Center and the Israeli Sport Center for the Disabled.

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