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October 2015

Peace education programs thrive amid violence

Despite the current conflict, the phones at the Peres Center continue to ring. Our programs at the Peres Center for Peace are making a major impact on our community, and prove that even in the most difficult of times, there still remains a hope for a better and more peaceful tomorrow.

Peres says sharing of water technology the 'right foreign policy'

"As terror attacks raged for another tragic day around Israel, former President Shimon Peres on Tuesday called upon countries around the globe to harness the peacemaking capabilities of water and hi-tech innovation."

Religious Leaders Meet at the Peres Center for Peace to Speak Out Against Recent Violence

Yesterday, at the Peres Center for Peace, religious leaders representing all Israel's religious sects sat together to speak out against racism and the current violence sweeping this nation.

Photos, Video from Matisyahu & Shimon Peres Meeting: ‘BDS No Way to Peace’

Matisyahu visited Shimon Peres at the Peres Center for Peace to discuss the issues of the day. They expressed their shared hope for peace for the future of Israel.

Taking a positive step toward a better society: K.C. native to share work of Israel’s Peres Center for Peace while home

Lara Portnoy, Coordinator for Development and External Relations at the Peres Center for Peace, travels home to Kansas City, sharing her experience at the Center and educating her community about the meaningful work that  we do each and every day.